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    Ali Shaihani Group of Industries, the pioneers in the food and beverages industries in the Sultanate of Oman, is also the market leaders in this segment throughout the Gulf region. As the leading producers of international quality snacks and beverages, Ali Shaihani Group continues to enjoy a market leadership that is undisputed for more then two decades.

    Established in 1979 with modest beginnings, the Group has diversified itself into an industrial house with multifaceted business activities comprising manufacture of snacks, soft drinks, juices, hot beverages (Tea and Arabic coffee) besides facial tissues and sanitary napkins.

    Ali Shaihani Food Industries continue to maintain its number one position in the market, on its own merits and some of their products are household names through out the Sultanate of Oman.

    Following are the industries operating under the flagship company - Ali Shaihani Group of Industries :

    The founder and Managing Director of Ali Shaihani Group of Industries, Mr. Ali Khudadat Ahmed Al Shaihani is a man of vision and innovation. He has instrumental in making Ali Shaihani Group of Industries one of the most successful and leading industrial houses in the Sultanate of Oman. With his vast knowledge of Beverages and Snack Food Industries spanning over 35 years, he can be rightly called the 'Captain' of the Soft Drinks and Snack Food Industries in Sultanate of Oman.
    A man of great Zeal and enthusiasm, his passion for innovation is legendary. under his two decade long stewardship, Ali Shaihani Group of Industries has matured from a small business group to a force to be reckoned within the Beverages & Sback Food Industties in Gulf region. A widely traveled man, he is always in the look out for innovative ideas and practical solutions.


    Mr. Ali Khudadat Ahmed Al Shaihani, the founder and visionary behind the Group, literally built up a business empire from scratch. It all began with the establishment of Ali Shaihani Trading & Contracting Establishment, in December 1979, for the marketing of soft drinks and of the consumer products in the Sultanate of Oman. His main strength at that time was vast experience with the Soft Drinks Industry.

    A man of great vision and dedication, Mr. Shaihani acquired some land in a remote corner of the then undeveloped Al Wadi Al Kabir Industrial area in 1981 started construction of a factory to produce snack food based on corn grits. This was the first major step to end the hegemony of foreign snack foods in the Oman market which had their heydays devoid of any competition.


    POFAK OMAN, cheese flavoured corn is the first product of Ali Shaihani Food Industries. POFAK OMAN still continues to maintain its dominance as the market leader the Company to launch a number of similar products in various flavours.


    From the days of its introduction in 1983, CHIPS OMAN – Chilli Flavour is the market leader in its segment. Made from the finest quality fresh potato, Chips Oman is the most sought after potato chips in Oman and other G.C.C. Countries. The Company also manufactures several other brands of chips from fresh potato and potato / wheat based pellets. Sohar Chips and Salad Chips are the famous brands among other brands.


    In a major policy decision to make good vast experience in the soft drink industry, Mr. Shaihani established Ali Shaihani Juice Filling Industry in 1981. Commencing its operation with the manufacture of fruit lollies for children, the company subsequently ventured into the production of carbonated drink under the brand names ‘FIZZI’ and ‘SHAMI’. These are available in 296ml / 200ml virgin PVC bottles made in its own production facilities. Encouraged by the runaway success of the carbonated drinks, Ali Shaihani Juice Filling Industries introduced its own brand of Juice Drink – SHAMI MANGO. Another famous product of Ali Shaihani Juice Filling Industry is ‘LULU’ Drink – synthetic beverage filled in polystyrene cup of 200ml capacity.

    Continuing the zeal and enthusiasm, AL AFRAH TEA was added to the product portfolio in 1987. Available in the from of tea bags and loose tea, this product was followed by another innovative item – the KAHWA bags. Mr. Shaihani created history in the Gulf with the introduction of two gram bags containing traditional Arabic Coffee.

    Powder under the brand name KAHWA AL AFRAH. The product is popular not only in Oman, but through out the Gulf region as well.

    In 1989, the core business was divided into two units known as ‘ALI SHAIHANI FOOD INDUSTRIES’ and ‘AL JUFAIR FOOD INDUSTRY’. While Ali Shaihani Food Industries manufacture all snack based on corn grits, Al Jufair Food Industry specializes in potato chips from raw potatoes and potato / wheat based pellet chips.


    Popular brands of tissue paper like ‘TISSUE OMAN’, ‘TISSUE KHALEEGI’ and ‘PALACE’ are the prestigious products of Al Shaihani Paper Industries, another manufacturing unit under the Ali Shaihani Group. The Company also produces sanitary napkins and other personal hygiene products.


    The only thing that has not been compromised by Ali Shaihani Group in its two decade long march for market supremacy is its total commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. The products are manufactured under strict compliance of Oman and International standards using state-of-the-art plant and equipment imported from USA, UK and Germany. Quality is ensured even in the process of selecting the ingredients from local market as well as other parts of the world.

    The products as well as the factories undergo several stages of regular inspection by the Authorities from Municipalities, Directorate of Specification &Measurements at the Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Ministry of Health, ministry of Social Affairs and Labour, Ministry of Regional Municipalities & Environment and the Department of Civil Defense of the Royal Oman Police.

    Frequent sampling of the products are undertaken by the Municipalities and the Directorate General of Specifications and Measurements at the Ministry of Commerce &Industry. The is in addition to the various stages of in-house quality control mechanisms and in built systems.


    The actual strength of any organization lies in the quality of its human resource and Ali Shaihani Group is not an exception to this rule. With an effective strength of over 600 employees no effort is spared in equipping the employees with appropriate training and orientation. As a Group with a determination to assist the Government’s drive to create a national workforce, Omanisation has been prominent on the agenda. At present the Group has over 40 percent Omanisation and this percentage is set to increase in the years to come. The Group has arrangements with famous Training and Human Resources Development Institutions to conduct regular training programmes.


    Ali Shaihani Group’s products are household names in the Sultanate of Oman and many of the manufactured items are market leaders in their particular category. Undiputed and unchallenged Asset of the Group is the unique Marketing & Distribution Network spreading all over the Sultanate of Oman including the Mountainous Areas and Salalah. The Group also caters to a large market segment in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait.


    The Market for snack foods and soft drinks in the Sultanate of Oman and other GCC Countries is expected to expand offsetting the demand-supply equilibrium. Ali Shaihani Group looks to the future with more innovative products and better customer satisfaction. The customer has been and will continue to remain so the focal point of our development and success. The Group is committed to provide across-the-board products and services to a wide spectrum of consumers for many more years to come.

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