Ali Shaihani Group of Industries has perfected its business development module to benefit the local economy while investing in human capital to build an inclusive organization. With a focus on enhancing its brand value proposition, it has fortified its Omanisation policy and achieved an upward growth trajectory. It is resolute in its intent to assist the Government’s drive to create a national workforce and has spared no effort in equipping its 1000+ employees with appropriate training and orientation. Through long-term arrangements with renowned local training and human resources development institutions, the Group engages its workforce in regular training programs.

From driving delivery trucks and manning the industrial facility, to administration and management, Ali Shaihani Group has followed a stringent Omanisation policy, incorporating young Omani men and women into the fold, ushering their growth with institutional coaching and in-house training to hone their skills and strengthen their career milestones. The Group is working towards achieving the Omanisation target set by the Ministry of Labour, and this percentage is set to increase in the coming years.