Made In OMAN

Several brand names under the Ali Shaihani Group of Industries have become trademarks; ‘Oman’ inscribed on the packs reflects a spirit of national oneness and pride. The popular ‘Chips Oman’, in particular, has remained a winner since it was first launched, transcending boundaries as a successful ‘Made in Oman’ product. With a diversified product portfolio, Ali Shaihani Group has carefully carved a niche among the public as a foremost entity in the ‘Made in Oman’ product segment.

The company has a strong marketing and distribution network that has helped increase its brand recognition both domestically and internationally, specifically in the Middle Eastern countries of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, and Kuwait. Its products are well-known in Oman and are often the top contenders in their respective categories. As the Market for snack foods and soft drinks in Oman and other GCC Countries is expected to expand, offsetting the demand-supply equilibrium, Ali Shaihani Group intends to meet the growing demand with more innovative products and better customer satisfaction.